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The Dream (1964)

Ballet in one act adapted from A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

M Music by
S Scenery by
C Costumes by
D Danced by
FP First performance
NP New production
R Reproduced by
ST Staging (indicates that the ballet was produced in substantially its original form)

M Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, arranged by John Lanchbery (incidental music to Shakespeare's comedy, Opus 21 and Opus 61)
S Henry Bardon
C David Walker

D Titania: Antoinette Sibley; Oberon: Anthony Dowell; Changeling Indian Boy: Alan Bauch; Puck: Keith Martin; Bottom: Alexander Grant; Rustics: Lambert Cox, David Jones, Keith Milland, Ronald Plaisted, Douglas Steuart; Helena: Carole Needham; Hermia: Vergie Derman; Demetrius: David Drew; Lysander: Derek Rencher; Peaseblossom: Ann Howard; Cobweb: Mavis Osborn; Moth: Ann Jenner; Mustardseed: Jacqueline Haslam; Fairies: corps de ballet
FP Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, London, 2 April 1964

NP Royal Ballet touring section; SC Peter Farmer*
D Titania: Doreen Wells; Oberon: David Wall; Puck: David Morse; Bottom: Ronald Emblen
FP New Theatre, Oxford, 2 December 1966

*This production was used by the main company from 2 December 1971 until 8 February 1974, when the Bardon/Walker production was restored to the repertory.

ST Royal Ballet School; S Peter Farmer C Peter Farmer and David Walker
FP Royal Opera House, London, 7 July 1973

ST Ballet for All; excerpts only
FP Wycliffe College, Stroud, 10 October 1978

NP The Royal Ballet; SC David Walker
D Titania: Antoinette Sibley; Oberon: Anthony Dowell; Puck: Simon Rice; Bottom: Garry Grant
FP Royal Opera House, London, 6 June 1986

By other companies:

ST The Australian Ballet; R Elphine Allen; SC Peter Farmer
FP Her Majesty's Theatre, Sydney, 11 July 1969

ST PACT Ballet; R John Hart; SC Peter Farmer
FP Civic Theatre, Johannesburg, 3 September 1971

ST Joffrey Ballet; R John Hart; SC David Walker
FP Wolftrap Farm, Vienna VA, 9 August 1973

ST Shakespeare and the Performing Arts; Nocturne only
D Titania: Natalia Makarova; Oberon: Michael Coleman
FP John F Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 26 September 1973

ST Royal Swedish Ballet; SC David Walker
FP Opera House, Stockholm, 14 October 1975

ST Het Nationale Ballet; under the title Midzomernachtsdroom; R Faith Worth; SC David Walker
FP Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, 8 December 1977

ST National Ballet of Canada; R Faith Worth; SC David Walker;
FP TKTK 1977-1978

ST Spoleto Festival USA; Nocturne only, in Shakespeare in the Dance
D Titania: Denise Jackson; Oberon: Anthony Dowell
FP Gaillard Auditorium, Charleston SC, 31 May 1980

ST Ballet West; R John Hart; SC David Walker
FP High School, Aspen CO, 30 July 1985 (preview); Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City UT, 20 September 1985

ST Irek Mukhamedov and Company; Nocturne only
D Titania: Bonnie Moore; Oberon: William Trevitt
FP Derngate Theatre, Northampton, 14 April 1992

ST American Ballet Theatre; R Anthony Dowell, Christopher Carr; SC David Walker
D Titania: Alessandra Ferri; Oberon: Ethan Stiefel; Puck: Herman Cornejo; Bottom: Isaac Stappas
FP Metropolitan Opera House, New York NY, 24 May 2002